Book by Authors is the program model for New Orleans by New Orleans and other publications. Book by Authors creates a ‘written time capsule’ of a community’s diverse thoughts, hopes, fears and past experiences.

The ‘written time capsule’ is a published collection of short stories (fiction, non-fiction and everything in between) related to a specific community, written by the people who live there or who have been affected it. Stories that have been bound together by a common geographic place are literally bound together in one book.

Smolarcorp created Book by Authors in 2006 in response to the National Endowment for the Arts’ The Big Read. Inspired by a city coming together to “Read One Book,” Smolarcorp created a model for a city to “Write One Book” about itself.

Book by Authors helps a community create shared understanding and mutual identity, reflect on others’ diverse experiences, learn more about neighbors, create an historic capsule of the people’s voice in a specific time, and read and write. It is informed by community-building and urban-development theorists Peter Block, Richard Florida, Jane Jacobs, and others, and especially by participating community members.

Past Book by Authors publications are Book by Authors: North Long Beach Anthology (2009) and Book by Authors (2006). We thank the Long Beach Library Foundation (2006) and The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Long Beach Community Foundation and Connected Corridor (2009) for their support.