Rachel Potucek

Rachel has experience in community-organizing and arts administration. She is currently learning to play the ukelele.

Ryan Smolar

Ryan is a community activist, serial entrepreneur and all-around creative genius-type.

The Team

The program “Book by Authors” is the brainchild of Smolarcorp, a small company which is so small that it is currently travels to, and works from, various cities in North America.

We challenge modern presumptions about disparate identity by creating new vehicles for social interaction. We’re the opposite of Bowling Alone. We love it when neighbors know each other. We work with arts councils, business improvement districts, cities, library foundations, universities, neighborhood associations and HOAs, developers, retailers, restaurants, historic buildings, and artists.

We specialize in creating signature events and unique projects—such as Book by Authors—which improve the community’s self-worth by helping community members celebrate their shared assets, meet each other, and work together in new ways.

Our projects include: