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shopify booster theme review

If you're constantly struggling to make conversions and sales with Shopify it is because your store theme lacks elements that will improve this aspect of eCommerce. This article is a full in depth overview of the latest Shopify booster theme review for shopify

After reading this Shopify Booster Theme Review you will know why you need this theme. The Shopify Booster theme is action packed with all the necessary apps that you need to drive conversions to your store and is a must for any store owner.

What I’m talking about here is a Shopify theme that has all the necessary app integrations that will power your store out of the gutter.

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Yes, literally save yourself thousands a year in shopify app fees by having a theme that has it all.

I am talking about the Shopify Booster Theme, the only theme you would ever need. A robust theme that helps get rid of all those nasty monthly app fees.

I’ve used this theme time and time over, and it always performs for me and my Shopify Stores. 

This Shopify Booster Theme Review is an overview of its features and functions and at the end I will share 5 breathtaking reasons you need this theme. So can the booster theme boost your conversion rate? Let’s find out! 

In this post I’ll discuss;

  • Why the Shopify Booster Theme is one of The Best Themes; 
  • Shopify Booster Theme Sales Notifications;
  • Booster Theme Shopify Upsells;
  • Booster Theme 5.0 Collection Upsells;
  • Built in Booster Theme Currency Converter for Shopify;
  • Booster theme 5.0 Exit Intent Discount;
  • Booster Theme Shopify Countdown Timer;
  • Shopify Booster Theme Product Page

Verdict of Booster Theme Review

If you’re a very busy person and want the short and sweet of this review!

Absolutely useful and incredible is what I can say about this theme.

With lightning speed load times and a bunch of useful apps that will save you $100’s of dollars per month in app fees, the booster theme is perfect for anyone wanting to cut costs and increase conversions.

If you want a more detailed review of this theme, keep reading and I’ll share more insight with you.


The shopify theme is made professionally and updated regularly. I honestly think the quality is up there compared to other themes


Built with light code, the theme loads seamlessly which will make for the most user friendly shopping experience. 


Shopify booster theme is not cheap, but the investment already pays for itself with all the integrations. If you're serious about making money then this theme is for you.

Is Booster 5.0 Theme Mobile Optimized?

Of course it is! The shopifybooster would be completely useless if it wasn’t. I mean did you know that 60 % of customers that come from mobile and since the bulk comes from mobile you want your site to look its best.

If your site is not optimized for mobile (unlike some cheaper Shopify themes) then this could be huge issue that leads to sales being lost.

Picture this, you arrive at an eCommerce site and the headers and logos are out of wack and the sales page is sluggish, slow and clunky. That would lead to you most likely leaving the site and dropping the sale.

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Booster Theme Review - Shopify Upsells

Shopify product upsell apps can set you back $9.99/month (minimum) and is used to increase your store’s Average order value or AOV for short.

This app works by suggesting similar items that customers may want by displaying a neat suggested product pop-up while they are shopping.

shopify booster theme revew

The feature is already built in with the Shopify Booster App and personally I’ve used other apps like Bold Upsell but I’m not a big fan of trying to upsell someone that is going through a checkout.

I speak for all upsell apps when I say this but I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal to have this or not. My personal favourite is to sell other items through a post purchase upsell with One Click Upsell )(OCU) by Zipify apps - now this is a game changer.

Shopify Booster Theme Collection Cross sells

Cross Selling between Shopify collections can have a huge impact on your sales, I only see this beneficial if you have a store selling multiple broad products or even a niche store.

For example, an Outdoor Shopify store that sells camping and hiking gear! If a customer came to your store to purchase a camping flashlight but didn’t really go to other pages.

When they go to checkout with their flashlight this app pops up and suggests other similar items they may want, perhaps you have a pair of cool trekking boots for sale that gets shown.

They will then add the boots to their cart and you have increased your average order value I have used the cross-sell app in my Shopify stores and it has worked magic, you really need something like this to increase your AOV or you’ll not be making a lot of profit overall.

Built in Booster Theme Review - Shopify Currency Converter

Have you ever gone shopping online and then you realize the currency is not in your local currency?

When we realize this issue, we go to a currency converter off the original store do the conversion and boom, the product costs way to much and then you just abandon the shopping cart.

Currency Converter’s are generally free however if you want auto currency converter’s this will cost you $9.99/month alone for a good converter.

shopify booster currency converter

The Shopify booster theme has this built in already and it’s an automatic GEO IP Currency converter that changes the currency based on your customers location.

This will improve your abandoned cart issues like never before, trust me I know and I’ve used paid versions of this. It wasn’t until I got the Shopify Booster theme that I had to get rid of the paid app itself

Booster theme Exit Intent Discount

Exit intent is a feature that displays a discount pop-up right before the customer decides to leave the store or website.

An exit intent does two things, it captures an email address (so that you can do email marketing later on) and gives the new customer a discount. The discount gets the customer to take that step further to completing a sale with you.

A really good exit intent app can set you back $29/month but they all do the same thing, so why not have it already built in.

booster exit intent

This exit intent add on is honestly a life saver as it has helped me increase my sales in the past, why? Because I’ve always seen customers leaving and never coming back which is a waste of advertising dollars!

Where ever you can capture a lead you must take the opportunity as it leads to sales.

Booster Theme Shopify Countdown Timer

Shopify Countdown timers are all the rage! These apps create instant urgency by displaying a "act now" timer for the sale that you are marketing.

They are all over the place and if you don’t already pay for a countdown timer app then you probably will be soon. Setting you back at least $9/month these bad boys will make you sales till the cows come home!

Before I came across the Shopify Booster theme I used these apps to leverage on the customers emotions - urgency!

Shopify Booster has saved my life because I love this app so much that they included it built-in and honestly it does improve sales because it makes people act faster and gives them a reason to buy now.


This is another FOMO (fear of missing out) strategy that you must include in you Shopify store.

Booster Theme Pricing Options - What does the booster theme cost?

The booster theme 5.0 has three different pricing options! This is based on several license packages you may need. The license options are as follows;

The booster 5.0 single license is for 1 Shopify store only and is recommended when you’re on a budget but looking for ways on how you can boost your conversions and save money on shopify apps.

booster theme pricing options

Dual license is the power house, because if you have two stores the cost is only $297 per license. Now if you’re an ecommerce powerhouse and you churn stores out on the weekly then you need to have the 5 shop license.

The license gets set back to $99 per unit which is a pretty neat savings.

Booster 5.0 comes with a lifetime of updates! So once you purchase it, its yours with the updates for life.

Shopify Booster Theme Product Page

Lastly, the Booster Shopify theme product page is made to convert because it has it all.

The product page combines a lot of the apps I’ve already talked about including trust badges that make your store trust worthy for your customers.

It ads a new realm of a shopping experience for your customer and becomes very easy to convert them into paying customers.


Now lets look at the free Brooklyn theme sales page Doesn’t the sale page look so dull and boring that it makes you want to click out? I know I will in a matter of seconds.

That will lead to you losing customers faster than you can say "yay a customer is on my store now"


Brooklyn theme has its place but for a free theme you can only go so far! You won’t be making $100,000 a month with this theme.

What is Booster Theme 5.0 Support Like?

The theme support is nothing above average in my opinion. There is a frequently asked questions community centre in which you can ask typical questions and there may be an answer.

If you’re stumped and this does not work, then you need to contact the support team and if you’re living outside of the US/Canada then the response can be about 24 hours later (generally).

Shopify Booster Theme Review 5.0 Cons!

Alright, you probably know that it can’t be all fluffy bunnies and marshmallows right? Well lets take off the sugar coating and expose some of the things that I disliked or that you just have to find a work around.

  • The price - At an investment of $179 (USD) for a single license it does not come cheaply. First time store owners will find this pill hard to swallow;  
  • The customization - Out of the box you can do quite a bit. However if you were to make 5 stores using the booster theme they would look relatively the same. I’m referring to the layout (not the graphic content). I’m not really bothered by this, considering there are a tonne of shopify stores out there.
  • Installing Updates - When there is a new update you have to upload the newest version and reconfigure it all from the start. Talk about about painful, this meaningless task can set you back at least 30 minutes.

Booster Theme FAQs

So you're not quite sure if this booster theme review has fully converted you to invest in this ultimate shopify theme. We'll it is probably because you still have a few questions on your mind before you take the punt.

These questions below have been collected from Quora, Google and Facebook and compiled with an in-depth answer below to aid you with your investment.

So let's dive right into it.

Why you Need Shopify Booster Theme for Your Store

I’ve been using Shopify for about two years now and when I started I was using the debut theme or even been recommended the Brooklyn Shopify theme. 

You see these themes are great as free themes and they look really good, the only problem is you have to add so many custom apps to really make the best of increasing your conversions.

These apps range from $9/month right through to $49/month, and sometimes more. They can leave a new store owner with an unnecessary expense bill. 

This is where the Booster Theme works it’s magic, it has most of the apps you need to improve your conversions! Apps such as upsell, recent sale notifications and more!

Final Thoughts

Will the Booster Theme Increase Conversions? 

When I used the booster them I saw a great improvement compared to using the free debut theme that shopify gives. I mean free is nice but I still had to get certain apps to increase my conversions.

The booster theme is perfect if you’re looking for reducing your shopify app costs and also trying to increase your conversions and bottom line.

So that is my Shopify Booster Theme Review in a nutshell 

The final thing I want to cover is the cost and how it benefits you. You see I only covered a handful of apps, the booster theme store page covers more features in detail. I will break down the overall cost so that you can see for yourself.

Shopify Apps You Need Regular Shopify Theme, App Cost Booster Theme App Cost

You see, you’ll be paying at least $89.00/month in app fees for all the basic apps you need to run a successful shopify store!

I personally think that you’d be crazy to not have the booster theme because after month two you would have paid back the base cost of the theme. This is only for the main apps, what if there’s more? Well your monthly app cost increases!

The theme does cost $179 for a single license but that is for a lifetime and it equates to $14.90 per month over 12 months. If you don’t have this theme you are literally burning holes in your pockets using paid apps on the shopify app store.

This concludes my Booster Theme Review and that’s it basically. I hope my review covered the core features of this app and that my personal recommendation helps you make a wise decision.

P.s I’ve used a lot of paid themes and this one is my go to for all my shopify stores!