How to Increase Shopify Traffic | 10 Effective Ways

When you start a new Shopify store the first thing that comes to mind is how to increase shopify traffic ! The way you generate traffic to a new online store can vary in a lot of ways, and today we'll be covering those methods. 

When you start a store or a website in general, the first thing that comes to mind is how will I drive traffic to my new store? There are several ways that you can effectively drive traffic to a new store and that is what I want to touch on today.

Having an effective Shopify marketing strategy can make a whole difference to the way you drive traffic and actually get sales. Once you’ve launched your Shopify Store you’re probably feeling over the moon, ready to grab a drink and celebrate with your parents, friends or associates.

Let me stop you as this is only half the battle you need to fight, the other half is driving serious traffic to start making sales on Shopify.

In this post I’ll be covering shopify traffic methods on some of the following;

  • Shopify SEO;
  • Facebook Ads ;
  • Google Shopping Ads for Shopify;
  • Email Marketing;
  • Instagram Influencers for Shopify;
  • Pinterest Marketing;

Some of these traffic methods will contain more than one tip which and overall that’s how I’ll cover the 10 effective ways to drive traffic to your new Shopify store.

Shopify Increase Traffic - SEO Optimization

SEO store traffic is the single most important traffic source if you want to do dropshipping with Shopify long term. The key aspects of online store SEO you need to be focusing are;

how to increase shopify traffic

Shopify Product Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

It is definitely a good decision to be writing a well written and targeted product description. You should aim to have at least 200 words minimum in your descriptions as well as including the product specifications.

These small tweaks can really improve your Shopify SEO presence. Shopify auto generates meta descriptions, however it doesn’t hurt to look at these and tweak it as required.

Remember, searching for products through google will show your meta description field first and this can be a key driver to someone clicking through or not.


HomePage Optimization

Your homepage is another crucial page that you should be focusing effort on so be sure to include this in your Shopify SEO checklist items.

If you go to your side bar and click "preferences" to be presented with the homepage Title and meta description.

The title of this page should be relative to your niche and the homepage meta description should contain your stores keywords.


Shopify Blog Posts

Most Shopify Dropshippers don’t think long term when it comes to their game plan. As I mentioned if you plan to build an asset, either to flip or to generate long term income.

Then you need to be working on your SEO. Shopify SEO does not stop at creating products with rich titles and descriptions. It continues to go onto creating valuable content that your audience can relate to.

For example, if you were in the pet niche (lets say dogs) you could start ranking dog related posts that promote my products.


If you write a well written blog post that is SEO optimized and it solves a problem (the product you promote solves the problem), you’ll bet your bottom dollar that customer will purchase from you.

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Shopify Increase Traffic with Facebook Ads

Shopify SEO marketing is a long term game! I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you. That’s why I said if you want to build an asset and you’re not just in it to make quick money.

However if you want to "pump and dump" and you want to get traffic to your Shopify store as fast as possible then you need to get onto Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads are a very effective way at driving new customers to your store. It is about finding impulse buy products, which should be unique and really have a wow factor.


These two principles along with shopify store conversion optimization could mean you are driving highly targeted traffic ready to buy.

Shopify has some awesome creative ad examples that you need to be following to make highly effective Facebook ads for dropshipping.

Google Shopping Ads for Shopify

Google Shopping has replaced google AdWords for ecommerce. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to exclude google AdWords, it’s just that google shopping ads are more effective.

To get your foot off to the right start google have provided a credit when you sign up and start using their services around $75 (varies from country to country).


There are several really good websites giving examples on google ads, take a look at this example to see how effectively it can be done.

Instagram Influencers for Shopify

Instagram influences are people who have influential power (I know that’s Selena Gomez) which are generally regular people like me and you.

The only difference is they have followers in the order of 100k+ and they are able to influence peoples buying decision just by posting a photo of the product on their accounts.


Influencers you want to be going after are influencers that have high engagement activity. It generally means it is not a fake account and the chances are you’ll make sales if you use their service.

Shopify Email Marketing

Email marketing is not an old marketing technique. It can be very powerful when done correctly! This is what I call free marketing (besides paying for the list capturing tool)!

You have the power to send out a mass email to your entire list, enticing them with new products, discounts and competitions. If done correctly it is a sure fire way to increasing your traffic and also making sales!


Why sales? It is because your existing customers (if they’ve had a positive experience) are far easier to convert than a new customer!

Email Marketing Expert Quote from 

Ali From says:

Email marketing has proven to be an excellent tool for our eCommerce business. I tested our various strategies, and here are a few mistakes to avoid.

  • Bad Subject line - write a short subject line that sets a proper tone. Remember, the subject line serves as the first impression for your email. Avoid sounding too sales-y. 
  • Bad Format - avoid using fancy formats, it’ll like to go in spam box or ignored if it’s to difficult to read. 
  • Avoid adding too many links - Too many links will throw your email to the spam folder. Give it a friendly look instead of making it look like you’re only here for business. Keep it simple with a single link.

Pinterest Marketing

Shopify increase traffic with Pinterest marketing for shopify is also a good technique to driving traffic to your new store store.

The only problem I have found with Pinterest is that you need to be very niched orientated and also have a good Pinterest pretense otherwise it won’t work that great for you.

Make sure you apply for Buyable Pins and follow their guidelines (no sale of drugs, weapons etc) if not followed correctly you can get kicked off their platform.

Final Thoughts on How to Increase Shopify Traffic

There are other effective ways to drive traffic to a new store but I thought I’d only cover ones I’ve actually experimented with.

If you have other methods for increasing your store traffic then be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll have a look at them.