How Much is Shopify Plus Per Month (2021): A Quick Answer


How much is shopify plus per month?

Shopify plus is an ecommerce solution that can set you back about $2000 per month! It is only really needed when you're ecommerce store is doing high volume sales! This is because when you start selling of 1000 units a day, the basic, regular or even advanced shopify fee's will eat into your profits!

So let’s get straight into this! As I mentioned, you may be on the verge of actually of making this decision so lets get straight to the point! Cost: $2000 USD per month (that is a minimum, of course). 

The cost is up there but in reality if you were turning over large quantities of sales per hour it would make much sense to get Shopify plus compared to the regular or advanced plans.

That’s basically the cost of it right there! The majority of merchants who use Plus are paying about $2000 USD per month or 0.25 % per transaction fee, which ever is the greater

Pricing Cost Example!

Ok, lets do a quick example to show you the benefits of having it. Let’s say you’re on a regular plan and you sell goods to about $100,000 per month

The regular plans have transaction fees of about 2.7 % + 30 cents per transaction. At $100,000 (all $100 transactions), each transaction would cost $3 and there are 1000 transactions. The regular shopify plan would cost $3000 base, which is $1000 more than Shopify Plus Pricing.

Does Shopify Charge Credit Card Fees?

The cost of credit card fees varies based on country location. It is generally 0.25 % for processing credit cards if you’re not using Shopify payments and if you are you can save further by reducing this to 0.15 % per transaction.

If you’re a bit of a negotiator you can definitely try to reduce this rate, given that you’re driving a lot of sales to Shopify. There are some merchants who use third party credit card processing companies actually have a reduced rate already and tend to just use them over Shopify Payments.


Shopify App Fees

Shopify Plus Pricing for apps is no different than the regular plans. The cost of the apps will vary depending on what you need for your ecommerce store.

A lot of merchants will actually just negotiate special rates with app developers if they can guarantee to bring a certain number of sales through the door on a monthly basis.

Does Shopify Have Hidden Fee's?

Shopify maintenance fees are almost non existent! Why? Because they are a self hosted platform! It’s just really that simple, they take care of your hosting needs, bandwidth and uptime of your store. 

The only real maintenance costs would be if you wanted to redevelop the store, add a new look or feel to it and want it professionally done. This would involve hiring a graphic designer to develop banners, footers and the likes to your ecommerce store so that it can look fresh and hot.

Why is Shopify plus so expensive?

Shopify plus plan can be considered a premium plan for high end stores, stores that are doing high daily volume and are consistently making 6-7 figures in monthly sales. It can be considered expensive if you're just starting out, in that instance we recommend the regular shopify plan, because the fee structure isn't really aligned for beginners or low revenue stores.

In reality, it is all relative, so for example if you were constantly making 6-7 figures a month, you'd think the shopify plus plan is affordable compared to the other plans because your revenue has increased 10-100x fold. On the other hand, if your revenue is quite low, say under 5 figures a month you'd think that shopify plus plan is rather expensive.

Hence our example above where we proved that the regular plan will cost more in the end than the shopify plus plan, and vice verca.

Who uses Shopify plus?

Shopify plus is an all inclusive solution for high end stores that are churning out volume, and some of the stores that are using it currently are:

  1. Rebecca Minkoff
  2. Victoria Beckham
  3. Kylie Cosmetics

These stores are not your everyday stores and are considered high end in the department they operate in and according to Forbes, Kylie Cosmetics has an annual revenue of over $125 million, which equates to $10 million a month. We can see that Shopify plus will benefit her company by keeping transaction costs lower than if she were using a regular shopify plan.

Is Shopify Plus Worth it?

To many entrepreneurs or high end retail stores who use Shopify, they believe that Shopify plus is a good investment because of the quality and robustness it delivers as an eCommerce solution.

These business owners know that using something like wooCommerce or anything else is a big gamble as if they run into any server problems, it can literally cost them 100's of thousands of dollars for every hour their stores are down or has a checkout problem.

Stores like this weigh out the cost to benefit reward and although other eCommerce providers are cheaper up front, they can be a huge hinderance should anything happen when they have large sales.

So in our opinion, Shopify plus is completely worth its weight in gold!


Final thoughts on How Much is Shopify Plus Per Month?

To put it simple, Shopify Plus Pricing can have a huge positive impact on your ecommerce store and really reduce your cost expenditures if you’re doing high volume sales. 

But if you’re only at that level of selling 100-200 units per day and then the next month you don’t meet that demand. You may as well settle for the Advance Plan or Regular plan as you’d be saving yourself some money.