I used to think my grandmother was crazy. She’d sit in our backyard for hours talking to the trees. I [...]

Past the Trestle

Past the Trestle

I reach for the .38 hidden behind a book, then think, Why bother? He’ll just buy another. My dad said [...]



Tommy ran into the house, and the backyard was quiet again. The gun felt cold in my hand. I dropped [...]



“There are vampires over in dat there house. I see ‘em every night, but never in the daytime,” the old [...]


New Orleans by New Orleans

New Orleans by New Orleans, 2012

New Orleans by New Orleans is a collection of short fiction, poetry and non-fiction, all inspired by New Orleans. It is a poignant portrait of a beautiful city, presented through the eyes of its own community. The collection features over fifty works by well-known authors whom New Orleans is fortunate to claim, and up-and-coming writers [...]

Book by Authors - North Long Beach Anthology 2009

Book by Authors: North Long Beach Anthology, 2009

Book by Authors: North Long Beach Anthology focuses on one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the nation. As one entry tells us, dozens of languages can be heard spoken on a single block. A rich tapestry of writers reveal their truths – in total, producing this exciting tome about North Long Beach’s past, present [...]

Book by Authors 2006

Book by Authors, 2006

Book by Authors is an anthology of creative works by local writers and artists that showcases our local talent, helps unveil who we are as a community (both intellectual and experiential) and produces both a learning tool and an inspiring opportunity for our youth. Sample Stories Once Upon a Time in Long Beach The first [...]